$1,556,000 raised during the private sale
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Income Locker

INLOCK is a lending platform, which enables cryptocurrency holders to manage short term liquidity problems by taking a loan, using their existing cryptocurrencies as collateral. What’s more, accredited lenders can use INLOCK to provide risk-free loans to cryptocurrency holders.

Since the cryptocurrency collateral can be converted to FIAT currency immediately, the risks involved for the lender party are almost identical to a bank deposit but with higher interest rates and profit potential.

The credit transactions are established between the two parties directly. INLOCK merely acts as intermediary to record the terms of the agreement. These terms are established in a smart contract, making every credit contract between parties immutable and impossible to manipulate.

The Borrower is able to set their own conditions using our platform such as the amount and lock-in period duration based on their needs. Furthermore, the risk level for exchange rate fluctuations is also customizable. Overall, the process is fast and seamless and eliminates the need for additional credit checks since the borrower provides collateral, which offers rapid and flexible convertibility.

Thus, the INLOCK platform does not only solve the spendability problem for cryptocurrency holders, but also serves as a gateway to the booming cryptocurrency market for institutional investors, as lenders.

An ever-increasing number of people around the globe own some kind of cryptocurrency. But amid volatility and expectations of future growth, the underlying problem becomes obvious: If I spend or cash out my cryptocurrency today, how much profit could I lose for not holding it for 1-5 years?

Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies are still not as liquid and usable as conventional currency. Spending cryptocurrency typically involves conversion, high-risk, and other costs. Cryptocurrencies sold to finance a temporary liquidity problem are often be bought back at a significant loss.

Due to these risks, and in absence of a better option, these assets are underutilized as they can sit in cold storage for years. INLOCK solves this problem by using these crypto-assets as collateral while reserving the option to get the full amount in cryptocurrency back upon repaying the loan in fiat currency.

INLOCK enables borrowers to fully customize their loans with flexible terms as the duration and the deposited amount are both set by the borrower. The process itself is quick and seamless. No credit score checks are required since the collateral provided by the borrower can be instantly converted to traditional fiat currency.

Similarly, the same level of flexibility is given to the lender party as they can choose their borrowers by browsing a list of credit requests. For example, the lender is able to choose between a short-term or high-value loans.

Moreover, lenders can use the INLOCK platform free of charge and at zero risk as the entire process is similar to a bank deposit. Meanwhile, the profit potential is much greater as the interest rates are significantly higher. The status of the collateral is monitored by the collateral manager, and should the collateral close in to the coverage point, the contract will be terminated to provide maximum security for the lender.

Taking out a loan with cryptocurrency as collateral unlocks the liquidity potential of their crypto-investment. But the best part is that borrowers can still realize their cryptocurrency gains if the exchange rate rises considerably during the loan period by paying back the loan back and getting their cryptocurrencies back in full. Meanwhile, institutional investors using the platform as lenders profit through interest.

Excluding interest payments, INLOCK platform users pay every cost in ILK tokens. Thus, the ILK token plays an integral part of the INLOCK ecosystem. ILK tokens can be purchased directly from the platform or during the multi-phase token sale.

We will provide continuous updates on the token sale schedule. Tokens are transferable, storable in personal wallets, and can be bought/sold through INLOCK’s proprietary exchange.

During the Whitelist potential Token purchasers are able to complete the KYC process in order to purchase the ILK Tokens. Every participants must provide their information to receive their Tokens onto their personal Ethereum wallets.

The ILK token is fits into “Toll” style utility token definition. ILK token is an inseparable part of INCOME Locker platform; with this token we can provide a full transparent service where we are able to preserve the maximum value of our customers’ collateral. Our customers are able to get back their collateral without any cut after a successfully repaid loan contract.

In order to make ILK token distribution process more efficient, the ILK price will be linked to USD:

100 ILK = $1
Token distribution
  • 44% Public Sale
  • 31% Private Sale
  • 10% Founders and Team
  • 10% Advisors
  • 5% Reserved for Marketing
Our Tokens
What are the key benefits?


the process is fast and seamless and eliminates the need for additional credit checks since the borrower provides collateral, which offers rapid and flexible convertibility.


the risks involved for the lender party are almost identical to a bank deposit but with higher interest rates and profit potential.


the Borrower is able to set their own conditions using our platform such as the amount and lock-in period duration based on their needs. Furthermore, the risk level for exchange rate fluctuations is also customizable.


Institutional lenders compete with eachother through their offers making sure the borrower can always get the most favorable offer.
Timeline Discount
Bonus - Round 1
Sept 15 – Sept 21
100 ILK = $1  
Minimum contribution is $100 crypto equivalent:

$100 = 11700 ILK tokens according to the bonus level

Bonus - Round 2
Sept 22 – Sept 28
100 ILK = $1
Minimum contribution is $100 crypto equivalent:

$100 = 11200 ILK tokens according to the bonus level

Bonus - Round 3
Sept 29 – Oct 5
100 ILK = $1
Minimum contribution is $100 crypto equivalent:

$100 = 10900 ILK tokens according to the bonus level

Bonus - Round 4
Oct 6 – Oct 12
100 ILK = $1
Minimum contribution is $100 crypto equivalent:

$100 = 10200 ILK tokens according to the bonus level

Our Technology and Business Roadmap
➠ Coverage resupply option
➠ Portfolio contracts: store a combination of cryptocurrencies within one contract to mitigate short term price fluctuations). Portfolio contracts could contain 'stable coins' to further mitigate the risks of contract termination in case of margin call.
➠ Multilingual support for: Japanese, Chinese, South Korean
➠ Mobile app development for IOS and Android in order to provide our users access to their balance and contract management options from their mobile devices, including lending with full functionality.
➠ Adding new functionalities for portfolio contract termination options: drop order, smart drop order.
➠ Implementing the layer-2 payments channels (ex.: lightning network) rental service.
➠ Adding the exchange module which allows users to near-instant swap between cryptocurrencies
➠ Introducing the fee market: essentially the fee market allows potential borrowers to increase the motivation of finding a lending partner for their contract proposition sooner.
➠ Adding the next pool of cryptocurrencies: IOTA+ 2 additional based on customer demand.
➠ Advanced contract details to provide credit rating for lenders to help evaluate loan requests. (contract termination likelihood and historical performance of the Borrower).
➠ API release for automatic contract offer creation for lenders.
➠ Multilingual support for: Spanish, Russian, German.
➠ Introducing credit swap; a second level market where the lender community will be able to exchange running contracts.
➠ Prediction AI to predict the termination overhead dynamically to assist platform users in selecting potentially safe margin call points
➠ Adding the next pool of cryptocurrencies: ZCASH+ 2 additional based on customer demand.
➠ Multilingual support for additional languages.
Q1/2020 Layer 2 Rental Service
Adding the lightning network module: in practice this means that if the user has any free assets available within the balance the
user will be earning passive income constantly

Implementing atomic swap functionality.
➠ Open head-office for INLOCK business development for the LATAM region in order to provide seamless service.
➠ Strategic partnership with LATAM based microlending providers. Obtain legal license for LATAM region.
➠ Get necessary certificates for INLOCK platform to act as regulatory accepted Third Party Payment provider(PSD2-TPP) in the European Region.
➠ Strategic partnership with biggest screen scraping service providers to extend our payment management.
➠ Build up a complete PSD2 infrastructure to access all European banking services to be used as payment provider service.
➠ Open head-office for INLOCK business development forthe USA + Canada region in order to provide seamless service.
➠ Strategic partnership with US and EU based microlending providers to provide access to the INLOCK platform thus increasing the user bases for both ventures.
➠ To establish Strategic partnership with most popular stable coin solution providers to integrate these solutions within the INLOCK platform.
➠ To design the business processes in order to allow customers (both lenders and borrowers) to establish API connections to the INLOCK platform.
➠ Open head-office for INLOCK business development for the Asian region in order to provide seamless service.
➠ Strategic partnership with Asian based microlending providers. Obtain legal license for Asian region.
➠ Strategic partnership with biggest screen scraping service providers to extend our payment management.
➠ Design the legal framework of cryptocurrency backed p2p lending in cooperation with authorities in order to extend the functionality of INLOCK, as it was designed to be able to operate as p2p platform, as soon as the regulatory environment allows it.
➠ Obtain the necessary licenses for INLOCK to be able to collect FIAT deposits as a form of savings account for users.
➠ Strategic partnership with biggest - non cryptocurrency, collateral based - peer-to-peer lending platforms.
for Borrowers
Preserve your crypto

Excluding interest payments, INLOCK platform users pay every cost in ILK tokens, thus you can preserve all your crypto upon repaying the loan.

Manage short term liquidity problems

Never have to sell your cryptocurrency again to finance a temporary liquidity problem.

Missed selling the tops?

When you think the time is right to buy, you can use your cryptocurrency as collateral and get a loan.

for Lenders
Regulated environment

Inlock is operating with strong cooperation with regulators in each region to create a transparent and fair environment.

New lending opportunities

INLOCK platform serves as a gateway to the booming cryptocurrency market for institutional investors, as lenders.

Safe, collateral based loans

Since the cryptocurrency collateral can be converted to FIAT currency immediately, the risks involved for the lender party are almost identical to a bank deposit but with higher interest rates and profit potential.

Core Team
Csaba Csabai
Co-founder, CEO

Csaba is a crypto and blockchain evangelist. He is an independent crypto currency related blogger and a well-respected member of the crypto-community. He spent the last 10 years in the second largest Bank group in the world: KBC. He participated in implementing and developing core banking solutions and built up several lending systems (including the brand new fully digitalized onboarding and lending platform). He wishes to combine his exceptional traditional banking and blockchain knowledge to deliver real solutions to valid use-cases of collateral-based lending in the crypto-world.

Peter Gergő
Co-founder, CMO

Peter joined the crypto space with persistent research & enthusiasm, he quickly gained considerable knowledge about this amazing new tech called Blockchain. He has a penchant for the development of marketing strategies and He successfully launched numerous new product lines and enjoys the challenging competitive environment. As co-founder of INCOME Locker he is responsible for the marketing strategy and brand management in strong cooperation with business development.

Benedict Bánáthy

Benedict is a communication, marketing and business strategy expert with a special focus on the emerging blockchain and crypto sector. He is the CEO and Founder of Exolite, an EU based digital currency exchange and he is also responsible for the strategic coordination and development of INLOCK. He supports numerous crypto projects and along with Csaba, he founded the Hungarian NGO tisztabit.hu that is dedicated to raise awareness of the importance of crypto finance. His strategic thinking, communication and organisational management skills create a unique combination that moves INLOCK forward.

dr. György Cseh

György Cseh is seasoned asset manager with 20+ years of experience. He had senior management positions and responsibilities in the field of finance, investment and asset management. As an Ex-CEO of CIB Investment Fund Management Ltd. (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank), György was responsible for more than USD 1,5 Billion Assets. Prior to that, he was Deputy CEO of Budapest Fund Management Company (GE Capital). Currently he invests heavily in moving the crypto ecosystem forward. Ex-COO of MrCoin crypto assets exchange. György holds a Masters degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Law and he is also a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst.

Peter Tamas Turcsan

Tamas is a Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, Business Developer, International mentor, Startup consultant, Visioner, Communication and Media expert, Crowdfunding specialist, Social Innovator. Founder, COO of The Connect East Incubator & Operation Partner at Start it @K&H Incubator. Organiser of several startup events. Founder of the series of university business idea competition, Hackathon-in-the-Box. Journalist, tech and startup blogger.

Krisztian Dobo
UX & Frontend expert

Krisztián started out as a front-end developer in the early days of the web. After a 10-year detour including various IT management positions and heading an online agency, he returned to his real passion, coding. He has since become a full JAMstack developer with a special interest in the emerging crypto space.

Attila Kovács
Enterprise Business Architect

Attila has work experience in independent business development and project management. He is familiar with crypto currencies trading, ICO-s and markets. He has a multi-disciplinary design background. He leads international software and mobile application development projects.

Viktoria Kazar
Audit & Compliance

Viktória is a results-driven professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field of business, with a heavy focus on financial services. She took part in introducing account management systems at world leading banks. She is a blockchain enthusiast and deals with crypto solutions. She has already showed results in several fields as project manager not to mention her great experience in the field of IT.

Andor "iFA" Rajci
Smart Contract Developer

Andor, is a zealous smart contract coder, one of the most experienced token coders in the CEE region.

Ananda Parrott
Head of external communications

Ananda is a communication expert, responsible for engaging with partners and building the business relationship network of INLOCK. His professional skillset includes: media production, public speaking. His experience gained in the field of multimedia production makes him a valuable member of the INLOCK team.

Barbara Szilágyi
Legal & HR

Barbara is a blockchain advocate with extensive experience in both the legal and the investor side of the crypto-world. She also the base of the human resources by helping to see through daily problems.

Peter Angyal
Blockchain, Token Specialist

Peter’s 10+ years of experience in the software industry ranges from designing image processing algorithms, researching p2p data distribution networks and developing dispatching center applications. He is a proficient solidity developer and a strong believer of Ethereum. In his spare time he digs in the Ethereum blockchain data, gathering interesting statistics.

Gabor Meiszterics
Blockchain Software Architect

Gabor gathered substantial experience in the field of software architecture during different kinds of process driven IT projects from CRM implementation to traditional and innovative investment solutions. He quickly moved from working on blockchain related projects as a side project to putting them in main focus. Right now he is dedicated to bring Inlock to the masses, his belief in it is truly inspirational.

Advisor Board
Zsolt Gilányi
Monetary Theory Expert

Zsolt is an academic expert specialised in monetary theory. He received his Ph.D. in Economy from Corvinus University of Budapest and from Université Paris-Est. He published numerous monetary studies in major academic journals. Currently, he is the head of the Department of Economics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

David Sabo
Token Advisor

David has been building technology companies since 2012 across Europe from Budapest to London. He gained his experience in tokenisation as former Head of Global of Cofound.it. He is a co-founder of Symbol Network and helps Inlock with his experience in token sales.

Antal Károlyi
Token Architect

Business angel and entrepreneur. Antal supports Inlock with quantitative modelling as co-founder of Symbol Network. He is the founder and president of the Hungarian Business Angel Network. He also co-founded Traction Tribe, a technology accelerator. He has a combined 12 years of experience as a quantitative analyst and interest rate options trader at investment banks in Frankfurt and London. Holds a PhD in statistical physics.

Norbert Radoki
Media Advisor

Norbert Radoki supports Inlock with his extended SN and media experience. He is the CEO of Bitcoinist.com one of the leading news site in the crypto industry and he’s in love with cryptocurrencies and graphic design. His goal and passion are to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible.

Tamas Safrany
Security specialist

Tamas has close to 20 years of experience on the field of IT and IT security. Participated in developing and operating corporate IT environments as Chief Information Officer of the Hungarian Export Import Bank and as Chief Information Security Officer of the Hungarian National Media and Infocommunicational Authority.

Allen Scott
Media advisor

Allen is the editor-in-chief at Bitcoinist.com, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency news sources. An early adopter of Bitcoin since 2013, he successfully managed editorial teams at Bitcoin.com and Cointelegraph, helping grow these businesses from the ground up. With a background in journalism and economics, Allen has interviewed some of the most prominent experts, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders within the cryptocurrency space.

Balazs Vegvari
Blockchain partnerships strategist


Balazs has been a crypto investor since 2013, he focuses on projects working on real world use cases. He has been a long time active member of the NXT and the Lisk (and other) communities, financing projects to be built on top of them. In 2016 he went to be one of the co-founders of ARK, a project with the main goal of creating connectivity between blockchains. He helps Inlock with crowdfunding and insights into the cryptoshpere.

Mikk Maal
Legal Advisor

Mikk is a serial entrepreneur (founded more than 10 businesses). currently a partner and a CEO of Comistar International (with offices in 4 countries), a company dedicated to helping legal and finance professionals to succeed and grow their businesses. Founding partner of Digital Renaissance Foundation, with the main focus on ICO advisory and licensing of cryptocurrency projects in the EU countries (Estonia, Switzerland, Luxembourg). Co-author of a blog at cryptoincome.me and a bestselling e-book “Navigating Through Cryptocurrencies: Introduction, Investing, ICOs, Scams and Interviews” (the book was number one in three categories on Amazon.com Kindle store).

ILKtoken Smart Contract

Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best
Income Locker
Frequently Asked Questions

The main problem when it comes to cryptocurrencies is, if I sell my cryptocurrency today, that is a final transaction and a taxable event in many countries. Moreover, if I spend it, or exchange it, I lose all potential gains forever. So instead of spending it, it is more beneficial to get a loan – in order to finance my temporary liquidity problem using my cryptocurrency as collateral. This way I am free to choose to get back my cryptocurrency back in full in the event of a significant price increase.

Every parameter of every loan are locked in token based smart contracts, and these smart contracts are written on INLOCK’s independent blockchain. Thanks to blockchain technology, this data is traceable, verifiable and impossible to manipulate. This also guarantees that the lender will be able to get its cryptocurrency upon repaying the loan at any time.

Only the countries listed on the FATF blacklist are excluded from our system by default. This list exists since 2000 and its purpose is to fight global money laundering and terrorism. In addition to this restriction every client must respect their own country’s regulations.

In accordance with global anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering regulations, all customers must be verified by their government issued photo ID prior to using any of our services. This typically takes a few hours to complete, depending on the workload of our KYC partner. Upon completing the registration, customers can also setup 2-factor authentication for additional security.

The official website address of Income Locker is www.inlock.io
If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them here.
Official twitter: twitter.com/inlock_token
Telegram: join
Facebook: visit
Linkedin company page: visit

The intervals for allowed cryptocurrencies to be used as collateral:
BTC: 0.05 -50
ETH: 0.5 – 500
LTC: 2 – 2000
BCH: 0.3 – 400

We reserve the right to change these intervals, and we will notify all customers accordingly.

Loan contracts are made directly between the two parties. INLOCK only serves as an intermediary to ensure that all parameters of the smart-contracts are stored on our independent blockchain in a way that is impossible to manipulate. All terms included in such a contract are probative so the legality of a credit agreement between the parties is unquestionable.

Yes, of course! All of our services will be supported on mobile platforms as well.

Tokens acquired during the initial token sale or purchased directly from our platform are an integral part of the INLOCK ecosystem. For each loan transaction, every loan applicant needs to buy a sufficient amount of tokens. More information regarding the token sale and its scheduling will be available through our official channels.

During the token sale, or later directly from the INLOCK platform.
We will publish a full token purchase guide soon.

The tokens are freely transferable after the token sale and the customers will be able to trade them in our internal exchange. Furthermore, ILK tokens can also be stored in any ERC-20 supporting wallet.

Our whitepaper contains our roadmap, and it is available on the website as well.

In accordance with domestic and international regulations, INLOCK’s creditors may only be holders of licenses to grant credit. Commercial lending is not allowed for private individuals, according to Hungarian law currently in force, and in this respect, the MNB’s position is clear.

If you need any further information do not hesitate to ask! Our staff is working around the clock to answer every question in a timely manner.

Market analysis
Disadvantages over INLOCK Slow and manual matching between Borrowers and Lenders, only available in some states of USA Matching of Borrowers and Lenders may take up to 2 weeks, currently only crypto loans are available Liquidity is strongly limited
Product Flexible loan terms set by the Borrower Installment loan Peer-to-peer Loan Flexible overdraft
Collateral release The value of crypto assets exceeding the collateral/loan ratio set upon contract creation are always available for withdrawal Crypto assets remain locked until SALT receives a written request from the Borrower, limited to one every 24h. Assets are released on the day after Crypto assets remain locked until full loan repayment The value of crypto assets exceeding the overdraft limits are always available for withdrawal
Additional fees No Membership Fee, Late Penalty Fee Loan Funding Fee, Gas Fee, Oraclize Fee, Late Penalty Fee No
Token type Proper utility token Membership Token Utility Token Securities token / pays divident
Coverage Worldwide Only part of US Worldwide Worldwide
Mathematically tested token model Yes No No Not found
Platform roles outsourceable Yes No No No
API connections for automation Yes No N/A No
Interest rates Based on market competition to be as low as possible 10 % APR Competitive 12 % APR